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Monday, November 7, 2011

Success and Surprises

This past Saturday, I did my first craft show of the holiday season.  Check out my booth display!  I think it's really coming together and reflecting the attributes that I desire for Peace of Grace Designs. 

Unfortunately, none of my other pictures turned out- they came out blurry, but I think this is a good overall view.

Customer turn out was low, but I made many sales, and more importantly I passed out a ton of business cards and met some great people.  The vendors around me were fantastic, had great wares, and really made me enjoy the day.  Here are some highlights:

What the heck is that thing?  Well, it's the only thing I bought at the show and it's a marshmallow shooter!  This fun product was designed, made, and sold by a 16 year old who even offers bulk discounts for events- marshmallow tag birthday party anyone??  He will even customize colors, so you can match the shooter to the event's theme- red & green for a Christmas party, red & blue for a superhero birthday, you get the idea, right?  And since this economical toy is lung powered, you don't have to worry about constantly replacing batteries to stay in the game.  Did I mention that marshmallows are included?  When you're ready to order your party favors, you can contact Harry at

I came home from the show with this as well- but I didn't buy it!  This inspirational sign was gift from a fellow vendor, who doled out the meaningful plaques to all the handcrafting vendors.  (You'd be surprised how many booths sell goods they don't create...).  As soon as my beading "studio" is organized- more on that later- I will be putting this front and center on my work space.  The great thing about My Favorite Sign Company is that they make beautiful and memorable by recycling.  All the signs are made from old palettes and are painted with environmentally friendly paints.  The signs would make gifts, say for a hostess.  Thank you to My Favorite Sign Company for my sign, it is now my favorite!

Have you even started thinking about holiday shopping yet?  Do you buy gifts at craft shows?  If not, would you consider it?  What makes you choose to purchase at a craft show or what holds you back?

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