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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My "studio"

After 2 1/2 weeks in our new home and a few rainy, rainy days in a row, I finally organized my "studio."  I call it my "studio" instead of my studio because...well, you'll see.  Take a look:

 Yes, I use an exercise ball for a chair.

 Yes, I store my finished pieces in Chinese take out containers.

A close up of the pictures I have displayed.  The top one is me with my mom at a Girl Scout event when I was 12. Yes, it was a Western theme.  I didn't typically dress that way.  Neither does my mom.  Growing up, my mom and I had arts & crafts time while my baby brothers napped.  The framed picture is my great-grandmother holding me; when my family would visit, she taught me to needlepoint, crochet, and cross stitch.  Look at my cheesy smile!  Crafting has always made me happy.  The bottom picture is me in college with a friend (hi Jackie!!).  And the half of a person in the left corner is another friend (Hi Anna, I didn't crop this pic because you were half in it!)

 Yes, I also use empty egg cartons for storage.  This is an extension of my desk, aka plastic drawers stuffed to the gills with more goodies. See how the drawers are sagging??

Since this is a computer desk, it has a pull out keyboard tray.  Perfect for working on projects because when I need to leave a something half finished, I can just push the drawer in and it's hidden!  You can see a few projects in the works already.

 Across the top I have my files for receipts and invoices, a light for photographing, a decorated glass (you know how well your friends know you when they include crafts at your bachlorette dinner!), and my craft show displays, wrapped in plastic bags to prevent dust.

The hanging containers on the right side of the desk hold tools and small supplies that I use frequently.  There is also a small sign that you can read about here.  

I still dream of having a whole room for crafts, but I am thrilled to work here for the next few months.  I am pumped to have my own space for beading.  My husband will appreciate me not beading on the coffee table or kitchen table.  And of course not finding pieces of wire stuck in his shoes!  [psst don't tell him, but his desk is right behind mine, and he still might occasionally find some rogue wire].

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I hope you are able to spend quality time with your family and friends!  Be safe!

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