Saturday, April 9, 2011

More Beads!

Whoa- not only do I have new bead show treasures, but I received an order I placed online as well.  It might be April, but I'm planning for Christmas already.  I bought supplies to make snow flake ornaments!

 As I opened the box...

 The huge pile of goodies that were jammed inside
A close up of the beads that I'll be using

I got three sizes of snowflakes so that there will be the perfect amount of sparkle and color on your tree when the Christmas season rolls around.  I'm not rushing though- I'm still waiting for long sunny days and warm nights!


  1. Wow,you are very industrious! Already planning for Christmas and I am still waiting for the last of the snow to melt...

  2. haha it is finally warming up here and the sun is out today! Thanks for following my blog!