Friday, April 8, 2011

beads beads BEADS!

I can't believe I haven't bust from excitement yet!  This weekend is the bead show in King of Prussia (click if you'd like to see their web page).  I have been waiting for this since the previous show in August.

I had a terrible drive to the show- I left my wallet at home, got lost driving home to get it, got stuck at the train tracks, got stuck behind the school bus pick-up line- but I finally made it to the show and got lots of treasures!  

 I got some sparkly new beads in all sorts of colors.

 Also, some new charms!  I think these will be perfect for rosary bracelets- Confirmation gifts with a dove charm, anyone?
 And lastly some new pewter clasps, my favorite metal.  I don't usually like hearts, but these heart toggles caught my eye today.  I think they would be perfect for bridal jewelry or birthstone/name bracelets.

 There was inspiration all over the show and I couldn't wait to start creating.  As soon as I got home, I made this red rose ring.  See the listing here on my Etsy

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