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Thursday, March 22, 2012


As much as I enjoy having my Etsy shop and growing my business, there are some aspects that I don't photo editing.  Taking good pictures of my jewelry is my biggest challenge, and no matter how many blog posts or advice articles I read on the topic, I still struggle!  I've improved a lot (thanks to those previously mentioned posts!) but it's one of those skills that can always be improved. 

A popular picture editing site is FotoFuze. It is a tedious, time consuming program to use, but the results can't be argued with.  Take a look at these before & afters!

It's hard to believe what a difference it makes!  The "before" pictures were all posted on my Etsy shop previously, but I replaced them with the "after" shot.  Which photos do you prefer?  The before or after?  I'm considering going through all my listings in the shop and editing them all this way.  Would you??

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