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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Design Time

With the start of the new year, I've decided to make some changes (but not New Year's Resolutions- no one ever sticks to those) to Peace of Grace Designs in order to facilitate growth and increase recognition of my brand.  Primarily, I'd like to increase the number of successful craft shows I participate in and I would love, love, love to have my jewelry in a brick & mortar store. 

To do these things, I think I need to improve the cohesion of my jewelry so I've decided to design a few lines of jewelry for the year and focus on creating more pieces of a similar style.  Typically, I design something and am so excited I make another one or two similar (but not identical) pieces.  Then I'm inspired by a new design and I move onto the new design- no looking back.  This has led to a wide range of pieces in my shop but a lack of clearly defined style or direction. 

I spend a few afternoons this week working on one of those lines.  Here is a sneak peak.

 A glimpse of my workspace this afternoon.  I set up a folding table on the sun porch and worked until the sun set while my husband sat on the window seat and read a book.  The dog napped on the floor between us.

Swarovski crystals in birthstone colors.  These are wonderful- a little bit sparkly and such beautiful colors.  The different combinations are endless and the way the colors complement each other are gorgeous. I like to use birthstones to personalize jewelry and make it a little more special.

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